Short Title:Introduction to Writing for Marketing
Full Title:Introduction to Writing for Marketing
Module Code:DMKT H1018
ECTS credits: 5
NFQ Level:6
Module Delivered in 3 programme(s)
Module Contributor:Bairbre Brennan
Module Description:Marketing is a communications based industry and in particular, because of the nature of the internet, requires a high level of written competence amongst practitioners across multiple written styles and formats. This module aims to introduce learners to writing in a variety of styles and to enable them to express their own or someone else's point in a clear and articulate way. This module will prepare learners for the Public Relations (Semester 4) and Effective Writing (Semester 6) modules.
Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of this module the learner will be able to
  1. Read and appraise written work, assessing the use of tone, style and form to deliver the required impact
  2. Write extensively in a variety of styles, using a variety of tones and to achieve different aims
  3. Develop and build a strong argument in a written format
  4. Identify and draw together different themes, and use those to develop strong arguments
  5. Illustrate the importance of punctuation, spelling and grammar in written communications

Module Content & Assessment

Indicative Content
Introduction to writing and the importance of written content for marketing; the different written formats used by marketers - press release, report, business case, blog, website content,tweets, posts etc
Punctuation & Grammar
The importance of grammar, punctuation and spelling - review of the basic elements of grammar and punctuation
Tone and Themes
Tone, themes and content - how the tone used influences the reader, finding common themes and associations; ensuring content is appropriate and relevant to the reader
Building Arguments
Building powerful arguments, influencing the reader, evidence based arguments, emotional appeals, using humour
The use of emotion
Humour, emotion, dispassion, analysis - when and how to use these and other tones to empower the brand's message - and how the inappropriate use can undermine brands
Indicative Assessment Breakdown%
Course Work Assessment %100.00%
Course Work Assessment %
Assessment Type Assessment Description Outcome addressed % of total Assessment Date
Practical/Skills Evaluation This assessment element will be integrated with Exploring Web Design, where students will be required to write some content to achieve specific aims, relevant to the website being developed in EWD. Full details will be included in the CA brief. 2,5 20.00 n/a
Practical/Skills Evaluation Students will be required to maintain a blog or to use with their ePortfolio where they will submit regular written work, covering a wide variety of topics, written in a variety of styles 2,4,5 40.00 n/a
Practical/Skills Evaluation On a topic of their choosing, students will be required to develop and write an influential op-ed, encouraging readers to agree with them 3,4,5 20.00 n/a
Practical/Skills Evaluation Students will be expected to read and review written work, both by peers and by subject experts. These reviews may be published on the student blogs or, for peer reviews, using the comments section to discuss. 1 20.00 n/a
No Final Exam Assessment %
Indicative Reassessment Requirement
Coursework Only
This module is reassessed solely on the basis of re-submitted coursework. There is no repeat written examination.
Reassessment Description
Students will be required to writing on a regular basis, experimenting different styles, tones and themes. Students will also be required to read extensively, on and offline, and review the work they are reading.

ITB reserves the right to alter the nature and timings of assessment


Indicative Module Workload & Resources

Indicative Workload: Full Time
Frequency Indicative Average Weekly Learner Workload
Every Week 2.00
Every Week 1.00
Every Week 2.00
Every Week 4.00
Recommended Book Resources
  • Dennis L. Wilcox, Bryan H. Reber ., Public relations writing and media techniques, Boston; Pearson [ISBN: 9780205873340]
  • Lynne Truss, Eats, Shoots & Leaves, Gotham [ISBN: 9781592402038]
  • John F. Scott, Catherine Fox 2005, English and communications for business students, Gill & Macmillan Dublin [ISBN: 9780717140343]
This module does not have any article/paper resources
Other Resources

Module Delivered in

Programme Code Programme Semester Delivery
BN_BDMKT_8 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Digital Marketing 2 Mandatory
BN_BDMKT_7 Bachelor of Arts in Digital Marketing 2 Mandatory
BN_BDMKT_XDE Certificate in Digital Enterprise. Minor award of the Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Digital Marketing 2 Mandatory