DMED H3025 - Brand Identity Design

Short Title:Brand Identity Design
Full Title:Brand Identity Design
Module Code:DMED H3025
ECTS credits: 5
NFQ Level:7
Module Delivered in 2 programme(s)
Module Contributor:Nicola Duffy
Module Description:This module is a blend of design theory and practice. This module of study will further investigate the relationship between design practices, contemporary processes in relationship to establishing a brand identity. The focus of this module to develop the students understanding of design process approach involved in the creation of a brand identity. Skills will be developed by assembling design briefs, interpretation of a client brief, assessing a client’s needs and the research and development of a design solution. Students will gain an in-depth understanding of process of design, grid and layout, semiotics and brand development, the elements of brand design, building a brand experience and designing for print. Students will be encouraged to think about brand design and aesthetics and how these communicate brand values & personality and reflect on contemporary design practice. Assessment is by the completion of a series of practical projects, with accompanying research and enquiry.
Learning Outcomes:
On successful completion of this module the learner will be able to
  1. Interpret and respond to a brand identity design brief and identify appropriate design processes in response.
  2. Research design problems appropriately to ensure design decisions are aligned to brand design best practice.
  3. Explore and appraise contemporary design practices and influential practitioners in brand design.
  4. Recognise and apply a range of design techniques used to communicate brand values and experience.
  5. Assess best practice for Design for Print
  6. Develop, demonstrate, document and present complete design process to a high standard

Module Content & Assessment

Indicative Content
The Process of Design:
Working with Clients, Visual and Market Research, Assembling a Design Brief, Brand Positioning Statements, Idea Generation, Prototyping
Grid & Layout:
Alignment, Hyphenation and Justification, Visual Hierarchy, Working with Pages, The Golden section, Symmetrical & Asymmetrical Grids, Developing Grids
Semiotics and Brand Development:
igns and Signifiers, Visual Language & Iconography, Colour & Meaning, Perception & Culture
Elements of Brand Design:
Keep it Simple, Make it Relevant, Commit to Memory, Scalability, Flexibility
Building a Brand Experience:
Typeface, Logo, Printed Materials, Brand Identity Guidelines, Branding Campaign
Design for Print:
Costing & Quotes, Paper Types, Commercial Printing, Colour Modes, Colour Management Systems, Finishing, Binding, Proofing
Contemporary Design Practice & Practitioners:
(Kat Moross, Hilman Curtis, Paula Scher, Neville Brody, Stefan Sagmeister, Pentagram etc. - up to the 1970/80's is covered the previous two modules)
Indicative Assessment Breakdown%
Course Work Assessment %100.00%
Course Work Assessment %
Assessment Type Assessment Description Outcome addressed % of total Assessment Date
Presentation Research topics such as : critical analysis and critique of contemporary design, the processes of design, Semiotics and Brand Development, or Elements of Brand Design, etc. 2,3,4,5 10.00 n/a
Lab work Students will be required to carry out a number of supervised labs based assessments in order to demonstrate knowledge and practical understanding . Labs can be based on numerous topics covered in weekly lectures. 1,2,3,4,5 20.00 n/a
Reflective Journal Throughout the duration of the semester long project, students will use the reflective journal to research ideas for the semester long project, brainststorm, visual investigation through thumnailing, experiment through sketching, informing your design decisions through thorough research and refection, this must ust be annotated. Through out the journal reflect on design process, elements of brand design etc. and any other external research that applies to your project. This is a final piece of work and will accompany your major semester long project. 1,2,4,5,6 25.00 n/a
Project A semester long project will be divided into two parts and will access the knowledge you have acquired during this module. These projects will assess the linking research to design decisions, design process approach, application of design process, development of ideas and solutions, presentation of design solutions visual identity/ Branding - the understanding of Elements of visual identity and communicating brand values/ideals through visuals and an understanding brand perception and experience. This will cumulate in two dedicated projects on brand design and development, by applying your knowledge of the print process you will deliver both projects as printed material to a high standard. 1,2,3,4,5,6 45.00 n/a
No Final Exam Assessment %
Indicative Reassessment Requirement
Coursework Only
This module is reassessed solely on the basis of re-submitted coursework. There is no repeat written examination.

ITB reserves the right to alter the nature and timings of assessment


Indicative Module Workload & Resources

Indicative Workload: Full Time
Frequency Indicative Average Weekly Learner Workload
Every Week 2.00
Every Week 2.00
Every Week 3.00
Recommended Book Resources
  • Adrian Shaughnessy, How To Be A Graphic Designer Without Losing Your Soul, Princeton Architectural Press [ISBN: 1568985592]]
  • David Airey, 2014, Logo Design Love: A Guide to Creating Iconic Brand Identities,, Peachpit Press; [ISBN: 978-032198520]
  • David Crow, Visible Signs, an Introduction to Semiotics, AVA Publishing [ISBN: 2940373213]
  • Matthew Healey 2010, Design DNA - Logos: 300+ International Logos Deconstructed, How Books [ISBN: 1440310335]
  • Alina Wheeler, Designing Brand Identity, Wiley [ISBN: 0470401427]
  • Various 2013, 50 Best Logos Ever the Definitive Guide to the Worlds Greatest Logos, Single Issue Magazine, Single issue magazine [ISBN: 3293232892]
  • Stefan Sagmeister; essays by Steven Heller, Daniel Nettle, & Nancy Spector 2008, Things I have learned in my life so far, Abrams [New York [ISBN: 0810995298]
  • Miriam Sorrentino 2014, Creative Advertising: An Introduction,, Laurence King Publishing [ISBN: 1780671199]
  • Gavin Ambrose, Paul Harris, Basics Design: Print And Finish, Ava Publishing [ISBN: 2940373426]
Supplementary Book Resources
  • Computer Arts Magazine 2014, The design Career Handbook, Future [ISBN: B00II1YEVY]
This module does not have any article/paper resources
Other Resources

Module Delivered in

Programme Code Programme Semester Delivery
BN_DDMED_8 Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Creative Digital Media [240 ECTS credits] 5 Mandatory
BN_DDMED_7 Bachelor of Arts in Creative Digital Media [180 ECTS credits] 5 Mandatory